• Alone (Director's Cut)

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    Alone is a film directed by Riccardo Cavani.

  • Film 7 Peccati
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    Film 7 Peccati

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    Film disponibile solo in lingua italiana // This film is only available in Italian language.

    Un unico film composto da sette cortometraggi ognuno dei quali fa luce su uno dei 7 Peccati Capitali.

  • Plutot La Pluie
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    Plutot La Pluie

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    Soldier Stephan Beltrani (Stefano Pietro Detassis) is coming home from war.
    Visions, hallucinations, mental health disorders:
    Beltrani has nothing to lose.

    Now he has to come to terms with himself.

  • La Leggerezza dell'Acqua

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    Two kids are playing with toy soldiers, while memories from the past are flooding back into their grandfather's mind.

    Deux enfants jouent aux petits soldats et, en même temps, les souvenirs du passé du grand-père reviennent à l’esprit.

    Due bambini giocano con i ...

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    Reclaimed is a dystopian science fiction short film co-written, co-produced and directed by Philip Weber and Riccardo Cavani.